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Kia Tire Rotation Service in St. Louis

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Tire Rotation Service near St. Louis

Have you had your tire rotated on your Kia?

Manufacturers recommend that you have a tire rotation done on a regular schedule and according to your owners manual. When this is done, your tires will wear evenly which extends their life. Other benefits include better handling and gas mileage. At Lou Fusz Kia, we have factory trained technicians that can perform the job. The service team at Lou Fusz Kia in St. Louis, MO can quickly and professionally rotate your vehicle’s tires. It is so convenient, drivers from St. Louis, St. Peters and Chesterfield come in regularly to get their tires rotated or aligned. We are your St. Louis Kia service center.

Why should you have a tire rotation?

Did you know that Kia recommends that you have a tire rotation done on a regular basis? Having your tires rotated on a regular schedule will allow your tires to evenly wear which will extend its life. You can also reap other benefits by having regular tire rotations such as better gas mileage and handling of your vehicle. Let the experts at Lou Fusz Kia perform a tire rotation during your next oil change and multi-point inspection. Kia car repair near me.

Why do my tires wear unevenly?

Your tires will wear unevenly because of the design of the vehicle. The majority of the weight will be towards the front of the vehicle near the engine. This causes the front tires to carry more of the vehicles weight and in return cause the tires to wear faster. Over a short period of time you will be able to visibly see the uneven tire treads. You also want to make sure your tires are properly inflated because this can cause uneven wear and can even cause a blowout.

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If you have an AWD, RWD, and 4WD vehicle it is recommended to have your tires rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  Your vehicle is distributing power to all 4 tires at one time which is causing more wear on your tires at any given time. This will also be true with any specialty tires which include snow tires, a full-size spare, and unidirectional tires.  The Lou Fusz Kia service team will know how to rotate each kind of tire. If you don't rotate your tires you will have uneven wear patterns which in turn will cause you to have to replace your tires on your Kia more frequently. Our service department is here to help you and even recommend when this service should be completed. Lou Fusz Kia is a full-service St. Louis Kia repair center with factory-trained technicians.

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At Lou Fusz Kia in St. Louis, we will recommend when your tires should be rotated based on the Kia recommended maintenance schedule.  You should have your tires rotated between 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Your Kia-certified service technician will rotate your tires using the manufacturer's recommended pattern.  Front-wheel drive vehicles may need to have their tires rotated more frequently because there is more stress that is put on the tires. Kia Dealership near me. We are the OEM and stock all Kia products for your vehicle in including Kia Brakes, Kia Batteries and Kia Tires.  Even if you change your air filter stop by Lou Fusz Kia in St. Louis and we will get you the correct air filter for your Kia.  Visit our parts department today!

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Did you know that the Lou Fusz Kia Service Lounge was rated number one out over 100 Kia Dealerships nationwide? If you haven’t been to our new service department stop by and see it soon. Lou Fusz Kia Service is here for you in St. Louis, Kirkwood, Chesterfield, Webster Groves, Arnold, O’Fallon, St. Charles, or St. Peters.

By bringing your Kia vehicle to Lou Fusz Kia for all your service and repair needs, from regularly scheduled appointments to major repairs, you can count on a continued driving experience unlike any other – for every single mile of your lease or ownership. Lou Fusz Kia technicians are highly trained and certified to perform whatever work you may need on your vehicle. So whether you live in St Peters, St Louis, St Charles, St Louis, O’Fallon Kia dealership we are here to serve you for an oil change, brake replacement, A/C repair. #loufuszkia Kia Dealership in St Louis. Kia Service Near Me.

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