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Benefits of a Multi-Point Inspection

When you visit Lou Fusz Kia Service Center in St. Louis for a multi-point inspection, we thoroughly examine your vehicle from top to bottom. Once the inspection is completed we will provide you a report and your service advisor will go over the document with you. The main purpose of a multi-point inspection is to make sure that your vehicle is operating at top performance and you are maintaining the life of your vehicle. The key benefits of getting regular multi-point inspections with your oil change and tire rotation are:

  • Increased Safety
  • Decreased Emissions
  • Security
  • Knowledge
  • Save Money
  • Increase Life of Vehicle
Safety is one of our top concerns at Lou Fusz Kia. We want to make sure that every time you get in your vehicle, whether alone or with friends and family, that you get to your destination safely. A multi-point inspection can help catch damage and repairs that can affect your safety before things get bad.

What Will Lou Fusz Kia Inspect During my Multi-Point Inspection?

If you are searching for a "service center near me," you are in luck at Lou Fusz Kia! We are a full-service repair center that can perform multi-point inspections on all makes and models of vehicles. When you bring your vehicle into our St. Louis service center, our technicians perform a detailed checklist and provide you with any recommended services once it has been completed. When we inspect your vehicle we look at some of the following systems:

You will leave Lou Fusz Kia knowing that your vehicle is operating at key performance. Kia service center technicians are certified and trained to make sure they are following all proper maintenance procedures for your vehicle. Check out our other available services at Lou Fusz Kia!

FAQs about Lou Fusz Kia Multi-Point Inspections

St. Louis Kia Auto Repair
Yes, your tires will be checked for life and wear patterns. If we think it is time for replacement, we will make that recommendation once the multi-point inspection is complete.
A good rule of thumb is to get a multi-point inspection completed at least once a year. It makes it super easy to remember if you get one with every oil change.
Multi-Point Inspections don't take much longer than your typical oil change service. It could save you hundreds of dollars to catch a repair before more damage is done.
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