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Kia Air Conditioning Service in St. Louis

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Having cool air in your Kia is a must with the hot St. Louis summers.

Having your air conditioning give out in the middle of summer is never a good time. As you start your AC on those hot days in St. Louis, MO you will know right away if your air conditioner is having a problem. You will also notice you have a problem when you go to defog your windows as the window defroster depends on cool air conditioned air to bring the humidity level in your vehicle back down to normal levels. So even though your air conditioner is responsible for cooling you down it is even just as important to keeping your windows clear. Let your Kia service center at Lou Fusz Kia get you back on the road today.

Lou Fusz KIA Certified Service Center - Air Conditioning Service

What Could Be Wrong With Your Car's Air Conditioning?

There are many factors to why the AC may stop blowing out cool air, it could also be the result of life on the road. Everyday driving comes with a lot of jarring effects that take a toll on the components of the A/C system and weaken the system. Bumping a curb now and then, hitting a pothole, even putting the pedal to the metal has a domino effect, not to mention if you were involved in a collision. These are all very true reasons your Kia may have a leak. Hoses crack, liquids leak, seals deteriorate, and fans chip.

Is their hot air coming out of your air conditioner?

It may be time for a simple AC recharge. Your A/C system is not something you should work on yourself and should leave to a factory trained technician. We are trained in testing your system and adding accurately add the appropriate level of refrigerant in your Kia.

Lou Fusz Kia will make sure your Air Conditioner is back up and running with cold air. It is important to have your air conditioning system maintained on a regular basis. Your Kia air conditioning system needs to have the air conditioner filter replaced as well as the evaporator cleaned. It will block bad particles from entering your vehicle through the system.  At Lou Fusz Kia our service technicians will replace your air conditioner filter that can be a source of fungus and bacteria.

Our Kia factory-trained technicians have the latest diagnostic tools to find the problem with your air conditioning system. We are the OEM and stock all Kia products for your vehicle in including Kia Brakes, Kia Batteries and Kia Tires. Even if you change your air filter stop by Lou Fusz Kia in St. Louis and we will get you the correct air filter for your Kia.  Visit our parts department today!

Why Choose Lou Fusz Kia Service?

Did you know that the Lou Fusz Kia Service Lounge was rated number one out over 100 Kia Dealerships nationwide? If you haven't been to our new service department stop by and see it soon. Lou Fusz Kia Service is here for you in St. Louis, Kirkwood, Chesterfield, Webster Groves, Arnold, O’Fallon, St. Charles, or St. Peters.

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By bringing your Kia vehicle to Lou Fusz Kia for all your service and repair needs, from regularly scheduled appointments to major repairs, you can count on a continued driving experience unlike any other - for every single mile of your lease or ownership. Lou Fusz Kia technicians are highly trained and certified to perform whatever work you may need on your vehicle. So whether you live in St Peters, St Louis, St Charles, St Louis, O’Fallon Kia dealership we are here to serve you for an oil change, brake replacement, A/C repair. #loufuszkia Kia Dealership in St Louis. Kia Service Near Me. kiapartshub

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