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Radiator in Lou Fusz Kia service center

The radiator is found after you pop open the hood and look directly behind the front grill. Tiny fins in the radiator allow air to cool off the liquid that goes through the radiator and returns to the engine. Here are some signs that your radiator needs to be serviced or replaced.

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Engine Overheats

One of the clearest signs there is an issue with the radiator is if the engine overheats. Most of the issues connected to engine overheating are due to radiator malfunctions or damage. If your engine starts to overheat, pull your vehicle over and shut the engine off. Continuously driving with an overheating engine will eventually create engine damage that will be costly to repair.

Low Coolant

Your engine can overheat due to low coolant levels, and the levels can be inspected by removing the radiator cap. When the engine has cool off, you can take off the radiator cap with some material, like a rag, to protect yourself. If you have low coolant, it is likely there is an issue with your radiator or other parts that cause the coolant to leak. At this point, it is best to contact the professionals at St. Louis Kia Service Center for help.

Leaking Coolant:Having coolant leak out is an issue that should be immediately addressed. Overheated coolant gets released into an overflow container, and that fluid will not be found under your vehicle. If you see coolant puddles under your vehicle, it is leaking somewhere, and the challenge is finding the leak. The best thing to do is to let the trained technicians at Lou Fusz Kia Service Center investigate the issue.

Coolant Color and Quality:Engine coolant comes in clean and bright colors with bright green being the most common color. If the color of the coolant changed there could be a few issues. One potential cause is internal engine damage or a dirty radiator, which could be due to radiator rust or radiator fins getting contaminated by bugs.

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If you face any of these issues or just want your system to get checked out, bring in your vehicle to St. Louis Kia Service Center. Our trained professionals can inspect the issue and offer solutions in order to get you back out on the road. Schedule your appointment today!

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