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Engine Timing Belt Replacement Service at St. Louis Kia Service Center

The engine timing belt is one of the key components of your engine. It is crucial to help move the crankshaft and camshaft in unison to work the engine. The timing belt needs to be calibrated properly to make sure it works with the motion of the piston rods, pistons, innate and exhaust valves. If the timing belt gets destroyed or damaged it can prevent the engine from working, which can leave you stranded. A break or slip in the timing belt could also create significant damage to your engine and rack up your repair costs, including the possibility of getting a new engine.

Lou Fusz KIA Certified Service Center - Engine Timing Belt Replacement Service

Signs the Engine Timing Belt is Failing

Besides not being able to start your vehicle, there are a few other signs that the engine timing belt is starting to fail. You might notice your vehicle runs harder than normal and lose vehicle power all of a sudden, and that could affect electronics inside the vehicle as well. There could also be banging noises from the engine bay and clanking sounds from the engine while the vehicle runs idle. The vehicle could also vibrate roughly. The engine timing belt usually lasts between 60,000 – 90,000 miles, so if the odometer is in that range it might be time for the engine timing belt to get a look and possibly get replaced.

Engine Timing Belt Inspection and Service at Kia Service Center St. Louis

If you have concerns about your engine timing belt or need a new one put on before it becomes a problem, make an appointment with the professionals at Kia Service Center St. Louis. Our experienced technicians can determine if a new engine timing belt is needed and get one on so you can get back on the road. Make your appointment today!

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