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Lou Fusz Kia Differential Service in St. Louis

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Differential Service at Kia Service Center St. Louis

The differential comprises a series of parts that compensate for the speed difference between the left and right tires during cornering. While lubrication protects these components inside the differential housing and lasts for a while, it will eventually break down and need to be switched out. If the service is delayed and you continue to drive, your differential could wear down to metal-to-metal contact and you could face pricy repairs. It is better to keep up with differential maintenance than to pay for differential replacement or repairs.

When Differential Fluid Should be Replaced

Although differential fluid usually lasts longer than most vehicle fluids, it doesn’t last forever. Most of the time differential fluid is changed between every 30,000-60,000 miles. This is a task best reserved for trained technicians.

Lou Fusz KIA Certified Service Center - Differential Service

Purpose of Differential Fluid

Besides lubricating components inside the differential housing, there are a few benefits of having fresh differential fluid. New differential fluid can provide better road grip, increased vehicle responsiveness, and rotations and turns become smoother.

Schedule Your Differential Service Appointment at St. Louis Kia Service Center

If it is time for your differential fluid to be replaced, bring in your vehicle to the trained technicians at Kia Service Center in St. Louis. Our experienced professionals can take care of your differential needs to extend the quality and life of your vehicle. Schedule your appointment today!

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