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Kia Full Synthetic Oil Change Service in St. Louis

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Full Synthetic Oil Change Service at Kia Service Center St. Louis

Your vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts that require lubrication in order to properly run. Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, and without proper lubrication the engine is likely to overheat and create a multitude of problems. Oil changes also help to reduce and remove any excess dirt that builds up, and sludge would be removed for improved engine efficiency. Consistently changing your oil will also extend the lifespan of your engine and provide move value for your vehicle. Come see the service professionals at Kia Service Center in St. Louis for all of your oil change needs.

Many manufacturers recommend getting an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles if conventional oil is used, but that number can go up to 7,500 miles is using synthetic oil. Besides oil changes there could be a couple of other issues that affect the oil in your engine. If you see oil stains on your driveway or garage floor, an oil leak is possible. As cars get older, the seals and gaskets start to wear down, and the gaps and cracks in these seals can have oil pushed through by the internal oil pressure. Some common spots for oil leaks include the Oil Pan Drain Plug, Oil Pan Gasket and Valve Cover Gaskets. If the issue is ignored, the oil pressure will drop, which could damage the engine. Low oil pressure can also happen by a malfunction with the oil pump or engine or the oil level being too low. If the oil pressure warning lamp appears on your dashboard after starting the car and stays on, your vehicle will need attention.

Whether you prefer conventional or synthetic oil changes, regular oil changes are still important to maintain the lifespan of your vehicle. Although conventional oil changes cost less upfront, there are a few benefits to using synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is best if you constantly drive in extreme conditions, especially in excessive heat. It’s also the better option if you would rather have less oil changes or if you want to help the environment by using less oil, want slightly better gas mileage and put out less exhaust.

Making an Appointment at St. Louis Kia Service Center

If you notice any issues with your oil or you’ve driven enough miles, visit the professionals at Kia Service Center St. Louis. Our trained technicians will provide advice and options to keep your vehicle in pristine shape. Schedule your appointment today!

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