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Kia Fuel Injector Cleaning Service in St. Louis

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Fuel Injector Cleaning Service at St. Louis Kia Service Center

If your fuel injectors are dirty, your vehicle might struggle a little bit on the road. In order to get the best power and fuel economy for your engine, fuel must flow smoothly to the engine. The trained technicians at Kia Service Center St. Louis can check to see if your engine is getting the fuel it needs and clean the fuel injector if it is not.

Fuel works with a mix of air at a specific ratio in order to power your vehicle. Previously this was done with a carburetor that worked all cylinders from a single spot. However, some cylinders got too much fuel, while others didn’t get enough, and this limited emission and fuel efficiency. This led to fuel going unburned and wasted. Fuel injectors provide fuel straight to each cylinder, and the amount and timing of the system is controlled by a computer. The gasoline gets sprayed out as a fine mist and combined with air drawn from the air intake. The drawback is that fuel can leave behind deposits and dirt on the injectors which can block and affect the efficiency and stream of the spray.

The signs of a dirty fuel injector are very small at first, but as time goes on they get worse. Gas mileage will take a hit, and usually the vehicle will hesitate more, especially when it navigates around turns. The vehicle might feel rough at idle or even have surging RPMs. The gas pedal might start to feel sticky, and in extreme instances there could be trouble starting your vehicle.

How Kia Service Center St. Louis Can Help

If you feel that your gas mileage has taken a hit or feel that your vehicle is not running as smooth as before, bring it to the professionals at St. Louis Kia Service Center. They can check to see if the fuel injector is working properly or if it needs some attention. Schedule your appointment today!

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