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Kia Exhaust System Service in St. Louis

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Exhaust System Service at St. Louis Kia Service Center

Your exhaust is connected to the engine by the manifold, which takes all the output of all the cylinders. The manifold goes to the catalytic converter along with the resonator, muffler and other chambers and mufflers before the exhaust pipe. The muffler and resonator reduce the sound from the combustion taking place in the engine, while the catalytic converter converts harmful gases into a more harmless gas.

Like any vehicle component, the exhaust system can get worn down over time. One of the biggest issues that takes place in an exhaust system is corrosion. Corrosion takes place when moisture sits in the pipes and eventually hinders the other metals by creating rust. Over time rust and negatively damage the pipes and create gas leaks, which hampers the efficiency of your vehicle. The exhaust system can also be impacted by road salt, dust accumulation and excessive heat. These factors can create signs that the exhaust system needs some care. The check engine light can come on, louder sounds can emerge, and gases from the exhaust can start to smell like sulfur.

While loud driving is an issue, this is just one issue that takes place with a faulty exhaust system. If it continues, the engine fumes can build up and eventually degenerate the engine. It would be best to have your exhaust pipe and exhaust system examined by the professionals at St. Louis Kia Service Center.

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