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Kia Brake Rotor Service in St. Louis

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Brake Rotor Service at Kia Service Center in St. Louis

When it comes to stopping your vehicle, brake rotors are just as vital as brake pads. Brake pads clamp down on the brake rotors to keep your wheels from spinning. There are a few different types of rotors, including slotted brake and drilled rotors. The trained technicians at St. Louis Kia Service Center can make sure you get the right rotors at the best price in St. Louis.

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Signs that Your Rotors Need to be Replaced

It is very important to bring your vehicle to the Kia Service Center in St. Louis if you feel vibrations in the brake pedal when you press the pedal. This could mean that the rotors might be worn down or warped. You could also hear an odd noise or a high-pitched screeching sound outside of the vehicle when brakes are applied. Decreased brake responsiveness or longer stopping distances when brakes are applied is a critical sign your vehicle should be brought in to the Kia Service Center near St. Louis. You could also notice score marks on the rotors, and if so, that means that constant contact has worn down the rotors.

Several factors determine how long your brake rotors last, such as the type of rotors, the conditions of your daily commute, and the type of car you have. On average they should be replaced every 30,000-80,000 miles, but that number could be adjusted based on the previously mentioned conditions.

If you ignore the need to replace your brake rotors, there are a couple of significant consequences. Replacing your rotors can come with a higher price tag compared to regular maintenance at the first sign of wear and tear. The biggest consequence is that it can be a hazard to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Warped rotors could lead to a brake system failure and could create an accident.

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If you have concerns about your brake rotors bring your vehicle to the professionals at St. Louis Kia Service Center. Our trained technicians can look at the braking system and offer input on the best options for repair. Book your appointment today!

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