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Kia Brake Pad Replacement Service in St. Louis

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Brake Pad Replacement Service at St. Louis Kia Service Center

Your brake pads play a crucial role in helping your vehicle slow down and stop. Like anything else on your vehicle, your brake pads will eventually wear down. When this happens, it is time to bring your vehicle to the trained professionals at Kia Service Center in St. Louis to get new brake pads.

Lou Fusz KIA Certified Service Center - Brake Pad Replacement Service

How Brake Pads Work

Your brake pads are one of the most critical safety parts of your vehicle as they play a crucial role in helping you safely slow down and stop your vehicle. If the braking system works properly, the brake pads and calipers clamp down on the spinning rotor of your wheels when the brake pedal is pressed. Over time, the brake pad gets worn down when this happens, which could lead to grinding or squeaking noises and reduced stopping performance.

Keeping your brake pads in good shape is essential for your safety. It is time to change your brake pads if you hear a squealing or grinding noise, experience vehicle vibration or if the brake system warning lights come on. Also, if you’ve driven 10,000 miles in your vehicle, it might be good to drop by your service department to at least get your brakes inspected.

If you continue to drive your vehicle when the brake pads need to be replaced, the grinding, squeaking, and grinding may worsen. In addition, you might find that your vehicle takes more time to slow down and stop. This could be a safety issue and cause an accident because you could not stop in time. Financially you could wear down the brake rotors and other components and face steeper repair costs instead of just replacing the brake pads.

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If any of these issues with your brake pads are present, bring your vehicle to the professionals at Kia Service Center in St. Louis. Our trained technicians can replace your brake pads, conduct any other needed services and get you back on the road. Book your appointment today!

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