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Kia Brake Fluid Replacement Service in St. Louis

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Brake Fluid Replacement in Lou Fusz Kia service center

Stay Safe While Driving, Check Your Brake Fluid

Does your brake fluid need to get replaced? Reach out to St. Louis Kia Service to get your brake fluid checked and replaced if needed for peace of mind. Having good brakes and good brake fluid can make the difference between avoiding an accident and being involved in one. A proper amount of brake fluid is key to help maintain your brakes. Brake fluid maximizes the hydraulic pressure on the brake pedal when pushed down. Without brake fluid or with old brake fluid, the brakes will be harder to step on and subsequently make it tougher to slow down or stop. When you need to maintain your car, replacing your brake fluid is vital and can increase the functionality of your brakes.

Lou Fusz KIA Certified Service Center - Brake Fluid Replacement Service

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid, maintains multiple components of your vehicle’s braking system. Even if the brake pedal was pushed all the way down, if there was no brake fluid your car would be unable to stop.

Checking Brake Fluid

Brake fluid can easily be checked under the hood. Most of the time the brake fluid is stored in a translucent reservoir so you can see the level of the liquid without opening the container. The reservoir usually sits near the back of the engine compartment in front of the brake pedal. The color of the brake fluid is ideally light and clear. If it isn’t, then the fluid is dirty and will need to be switched. The reservoir should also have a “full line” label. If the brake liquid drops under the line, the fluid needs to either be topped off or changed. Reduced brake fluid can also be a sign that the brake lines are getting worn down and need some maintenance.

ABS Light Goes Off: When the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light goes off, it is alerting you that there is something off with your braking system. Although a common issue is that the brake fluid needs to be topped off or replaced. There could be other reasons the brake light comes on. Always have a professional to look at your brakes to prevent a more serious issue.

A Burning Smell: If the brakes are used and produce a burning smell, that could be a sign that the brake fluid is no good or gone. If the smell is noticeable, it is highly recommended to pull over and let your brakes cool off. Further braking could damage your braking or wheel system.

Noises/Delayed Stopping: As time moves forward the brake fluid gets older and can even get dirty. This will affect how efficient the brake pads become. There could be some grinding, squealing or another unusual noise when the brakes are applied. Another key sign is that it takes longer to slow down or stop.

Bouncy brake pedal: Does the brake pedal feel bouncy or soft when its stepped on? Do you need the brakes to bring your vehicle for a full stop? If either aspect is an issue, the brake fluid should be switched out.

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Unless you plan to add or change your brake fluid, the container should stay closed. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs the atmosphere’s moisture easier. The more water it absorbs, the less effective the brake system becomes, and doing the job wrong could do damage to your vehicle. When it comes to changing your brake fluid, it is best to leave the process to someone with experience. Let the trained professionals at St. Louis Kia Service Center take care of you brake fluid replacement needs!

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